Melbourne Party Boats Booking and Operating Terms & Conditions

Performance of this agreement by Melbourne Party Boats is subject to unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances which are beyond the control of Melbourne Party Boats, which may include but are not limited to: industrial action, federal, state or local government orders, works carried out by Parks Victoria, Waterways and any other body, availability of food and/or beverage products, equipment failure, weather conditions, shipping traffic in the channel, essential services problems (including gas, power, water, fire services, heating and ventilation and refrigeration), terrorist acts, workplace accidents, inclement weather, adverse cruising conditions and employee performance . In no event shall Melbourne Party Boats be liable for loss of profit or consequential damages.

In the event that the cruise vessel is unable to operate due to safety concerns relating to any of the above mentioned circumstances the cruise operator shall make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers and crew on board. Patrons will be kept informed of the situation and provided with necessary assistance, which may include rescheduling or continuing the event alongside the wharf if both parties are in agreement. No refund will be offered if the cruise is conducted alongside the wharf until cruise completion time. Safety remains our paramount concern, and every decision will be made with the utmost consideration for the welfare of all individuals involved by all Melbourne Party Boats staff.

Whilst Melbourne Party Boats hold the safety of all patrons in the highest regard, any patron that board any of our vessels do so at their own free will and risk, Melbourne Party Boats are not responsible for any injuries and/or death that may result from boarding any of our vessels.

Melbourne Party Boats cannot be held responsible for events booked in the surrounding areas of your selected venue. This includes but is not limited to local events booked by Parks Victoria, City of Port Phillip or Marvel Stadium. From time to time these entities may book a community event which impacts the local area, Melbourne Party Boats is not responsible for the impact this may have on your event.

A non refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking. Refunds are not offered for change of mind or if you cancel on your own accord for any other reason. All balances are due no later than 14 days prior to the date of the booked event, unless other arrangements have been agreed to with Melbourne Party Boats.

A $500 bond is payable on the day of the event, this will be refunded at the conclusion of the cruise providing no damage, missing equipment, additional cleaning is required or other unforeseen items/issues identified by the skipper at the conclusion of the cruise which can/will incur costs to the company. In the event that damages or costs exceed the $500 bond, the organizer will be liable to pay for these expenses prior to leaving the vessel, even if that specific individual was not responsible for the damages.

Please note, whilst decorations are permitted, no confetti or glitter type items are allowed. The use of such products will result in a partial loss of the bond to cover additional cleaning fees.

Melbourne Party Boats holds a liquor licence, therefore no BYO of any alcoholic beverages is permitted. In accordance to the company’s Liquor License, we must serve alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. If any patrons show signs of intoxication before boarding they will be denied entrance. Likewise if any patron shows signs of intoxication whilst on board, the vessel will return to dock, the cruise will conclude and no refunds will be given.

The bar staff have the right to refuse service to any individual on board showing signs of intoxication, if this is not adhered to and other patrons order on behalf of or share alcoholic beverages with those specific patrons that have been refused service, the boat will return to dock immediately and the cruise will conclude. The bar will shut 10 mins prior to the conclusion of the cruise, and all open drinks must either be finished onboard or left on the vessel, no drinks (open or unopened) are to be removed from the vessel.

Melbourne Party Boats does not condone verbal or physical violence, if patrons or staff on board feel threatened the vessel will return to dock and the person acting offensively will be removed from the vessel and police will be notified.

By signing this waiver, as the event organiser you are agreeing to Melbourne Party Boats booking and operating terms and conditions on behalf of yourself and all of your event attendees. If any patron requires a copy of our terms please ensure you save and distribute one to them.